Manufacturing Translation: What is it and why is it important?

What is Manufacturing Translation?

To simply define, manufacturing translation transforms manufacturing documents into a target language that industry personnel can understand. Manufacturing translation needs hands-on expertise in the industry, as well as strong linguistic capabilities and a full awareness of all aspects of the target country's culture.

While many individuals believe that manufacturing translation is merely a word-for-word translation, it actually necessitates more information.

We translate following documents (for manufacturing industries):

l  Labeling and packaging

l  Instruction manuals

l  Marketing materials

l  Technical information

l  User manuals

l  Operating instructions

l  Product descriptions

l  Datasheets

l  Legal documentation

l  HR manuals

l  Service manuals

l  Work processes

l  Service agreements

l  Patents

l  Technical E-learning modules

Translators at I’M Translation are familiar with following manufacturing system:

l  Rapid manufacturing

l  Mass customization

l  Agile manufacturing

l  Putting-out system

l  Mass production

l  Flexible manufacturing

l  Lean manufacturing

l  Just-in-time manufacturing

Why translation of manufacturing important?

Manufacturing translation permits businesses to expand globally as many manufacturing companies have operations internationally. 

To successfully bring items to market, businesses require manufacturing translation to interact with international countries. It is required to translate specifications, which include all necessary information to produce the product according to industry standards for the target country while staying on schedule.

Why I’M Translation?

All of our manufacturing translators are able to use tool such as translation memories, dictionaries, and terminologies, so that projects are translated accurately and consistently. I'M Translation takes security and confidentiality extremely seriously. O Visit us at and to request a free quote. Thank you!


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