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South Korea as a global Information and Communication Technology leader.

  South Korea as a global Information and Communication Technology leader. South Korea has ranked in top for the following: Global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development Index (IDI) for several years. Just like this, South Korea gained its reputation as one of world’s most digitally connected and technologically advanced. Korea is home to global IT companies including LG Electronics, Samsung, SK Hynix, as well as Naver. Korea indeed has the fastest internet speed with its ICT infrastructure. Korea continues to invest in technologies such as Cyber security , Big Data, 5G Network as well as Artificial Intelligence. Software Translation in Korean Due to South Korea’s advanced ICT infrastructure and its fast and high internet use, U.S. firms as well as other Western firms constantly seek to test cyber security  solutions as well as their software programs before arranging to other markets. This process requires translation and localization. To ensure software or

Food and beverage translation

  Food and beverage translation Food is culture and our well being . As we live in globalized world, sharing or exploring different food from other countries is quite enjoyable among many people today. Not only our world is globalized, but also our taste has become international. Food and beverages from different countries get imported and exported every day and international restaurants open in countries which increase the need for translations for food and beverage. As Korean culture, dramas, movies and K-pop are getting even more popular these days, Korean cuisine started to get more attention worldwide. There are many YouTubers, bloggers as well as cookbooks introducing hot eatery places in Seoul. Due to this, the demand for translation for food and beverage industry especially from Korean to English is high, as well as other language pairs. Poor translation or mistranslation of food menus Have you experienced going into a restaurant in a foreign country? Have you experienced

Why do we need Korean translators and interpreters in Cosmetic industry?

  Why do we need Korean translators and interpreters in Cosmetic industry? Beauty tends to be the universal language to all women around the world. Images and appearances are both dominant in private as well as professional lives of many. In fact, K-beauty, the beauty industry in South Korea has become a worldwide sensation as numerous of Korean cosmetic brands have occupied the global market. Koreans typically, are devotees of beauty or cosmetic products. Since K-beauty focuses on preserving the skin’s health by putting nutrients into the skin, and as most of K-beauty products are quite affordable compared to the Western products, the exports are on the rise. Exports of K-beauty products are on the rise K-beauty products are manufactured in Korea but with its growing popularity worldwide, exports of K-beauty products are on the rise. Since it attracts many of the global customers, and as K-beauty has become a reference in global beauty market, K-beauty brands are focusing on e

Importance of Subtitles through Pengsoo, a giant penguin from South Korea

Importance of Subtitles through Pengsoo, a giant penguin from South Korea PENGSOO is a 2.1 meter tall giant penguin with blank-staring eyes with expressionless face. This 10 year old penguin came to South Korea from the South Pole to be the super star like BTS. He auditioned for EBS, Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) and became a trainee. He has his own YouTube channel named of Giant Peng TV with over 2.1 million subscribers as he is popular among Korean millennials. His popularity in Korea has reached out to global audience ever since he started making interesting video contents featuring some of K-POP stars including BTS. Pengsoo is known as shameless, yet quite sassy, and he is not be tied to Korean hierarchy or rank system. In several of his YouTube videos, Pengsoo has referred to the chief of EBS Kim Myung-Joong without the honorific term, “ 사장님 (Sajangnim)”. 사장님 (Sajangnim) refers to someone in a higher position. Pengsoo’s honesty and back talking character really caught th

Importance of language and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Importance of language and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Amid Covid-19, vaccines have been playing an important role in saving lives and the significance of vaccine distribution have been increased due to COVID-19 pandemic. Having access to health and medical services is important to all, and language access is unquestionably important. Why language access is important? Researchers have found that foreign population in Korea has COVID-19 cases due to language barrier. Experts are worried because language barriers that foreign workers face make it harder to understand the public service announcements regarding public health guidelines including important things such as wearing masks, social distancing or even protocols to follow to avoid contacting the virus. Language barrier and vaccine distribution For complex medical words or terminologies, language barriers become even more difficult to break through. In Korea, many of foreign workers faced difficulties as they try to

Website translation- Why you shouldn’t use Google Translate

     Website translation- Why you shouldn’t use Google Translate. Do you think website translation is easy? Well, many of you may consider translating your website with a quick copy-paste from Google Translate, well, don’t do this for your own risk. Google Translate can be useful if you are trying to read a website written in a foreign language to your language. You can even use Google Translate to browse an entire website in your native language. But if you are planning to publish your own website, for both personal and business, you may want to hire a professional translator or translation agency to avoid any risks! Google Translate or Papago or any other online translation tools are all based on algorithms as they are impersonators of human languages. Since it is computerized translation tools, they are far from being perfect as they make serious mistakes. Google Translate gets bugs and glitches causing incorrect translations. Not only this but also, when you use metaphors or an idi