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How to Control Text Contraction and Expansion in Translation

There are numerous considerations to make when localizing content for new markets. These include adapting your content for various audiences, channels, and devices, as well as understanding local customer preferences and behavior. The length of the translated text can vary greatly, so your carefully thought out plans for interesting social media posts, polished brochures, appealing graphical user interfaces, and well-optimized paid search ads can frequently go wrong. When the text is longer, this is referred to as text expansion and when the text is shorter it is referred to as contraction. Since text expansion and contraction vary from language to language, it's crucial to consider how this will impact your content production plans for each market you want to target. Your chosen language service provider can advise you on how these subtle translation issues might impact each project or asset you're working on. As would be expected, content translated from English to Germ


  Let's look at some truly terrible translation horror stories in the spirit of Halloween, but heed the warning: these are not for the faint of heart. 1.      Pepsi can bring the dead back to life Pepsi can bring the dead back to life, but when they sought to convert their marketing materials into Chinese, it seems Pepsi was yet another victim of poor translation. When translated into Chinese as "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave," their slogan, "come alive with the Pepsi generation," had a considerably more ominous connotation for the Chinese market. 2.      Rush to die In China, Mercedes Benz also had issues. Their name was transliterated as "Bensi," which means "Rush to die," when they entered the Chinese market. A bad choice for an automotive company's name! Fortunately, the business swiftly changed things and changed the poorly translated name of the company to Benchi, which means "run quickly as if flying

What makes an outstanding project management?

Project management is necessary for nearly every sector and every translation company. In essence, it involves the capacity to integrate data, technologies, and procedures to meet project requirements. The success or failure of a project is directly impacted by this area. When evaluating what makes a great PM, the ability to plan, carry out, and close projects immediately comes to mind. We also take into account managing teams and expectations, which involves connecting projects to overall business goals. A project manager can really stand out from the competition by exhibiting the qualities listed below: Communication abilities: the capacity to clearly convey ideas to others on a range of subjects. This characteristic is necessary to provide team unity and cooperation. Being precise, succinct, and honest is essential. There are a number of strategies you can use to make communication effective for you and your team, but not every structure will work for all teams. It's importa

What language did Jesus speak?

Language is a universal tool for communication. The primary mode of interpersonal communication is language. If so, what language does the Bible say Jesus spoke? It's thought that Jesus and his disciples spoke Aramaic. What language is Aramaic? From roughly 500 BC to roughly 600 AD in Mesopotamia, Syria, Aramaic served as the common tongue of the ancient Orient. Some tribes in Syria and some tribes in Iraq still speak it now. Jesus most likely spoke a Jerusalem-specific Galilean dialect of the Aramaic language. The majority of Jesus' life was spent in Aramaic-speaking nations like Nazareth and Capernaum in Galilee, which lends tremendous credence to his use of the language. Additionally, it is claimed that Jesus was fluent in Hebrew, which he utilized in his religious activities, and Koine Greek, which he used to communicate with non-Jews. source: google image Aramaic Names in the New Testament Numerous languages are used for human names in the New Testament. The two

Did you realize that animals have their own languages and can speak?

Did you realize that animals have their own languages and can speak? Since many linguists concur that although animals communicate, they do not have their own language systems, this is a highly contested topic. However, some animal species have evolved complex communication methods that enable them to connect with humans in addition to other animals. Birds Birds communicate with one another through song, call notes, and behavior. To ward off predators, alert other birds to danger, entice a mate, or protect one's territory, birds employ sound and movement. Birds that sing belong to a group known as passerines, or perching birds; however, not all birds can sing. Birds can express themselves through behavior as well. In order to entice a female, the male of many bird species may dance, strut, or put on some other show. Whales Whales are highly social animals that migrate in groups known as "pods." They interact with one another by making a range of noises to communic

Do you know the essentials of operation and maintenance manuals?

There is a thing called the Operations  and  Maintenance Manual that all employees must follow so that the work can be performed smoothly when performing the daily business of the company. For businesses in all industries, operation and maintenance manuals are critical to keeping operations running smoothly and providing valuable product or service quality to our customers. What is an operation and maintenance manual? The operation and maintenance manual can be thought of as the backbone of a company and an encyclopedia for business. The employee handbook introduces the company's vision, the team's goals, the various policies (benefits, vacations, security) and culture of the company, while the operation and maintenance manual shows you how to do the job directly, provides everything you need, and when your employees need to know how to work. Each need to be simple to find in the manual. In order to operate the business methodically and save millions of lives in dire circums