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What is the difference between interpreting and translating?

  Connecting with many people around the world is paramount to the success of your product or business. It is important to interpret, translate and localize the product and marketing content you want to promote. So, what is the difference between translation and interpretation? An interpreter translates verbally while a translator translates written words. Interpreters and translators require a deep understanding of the culture and language, subject matter expertise and the ability to communicate clearly. Interpretation Interpreters interpret simultaneously with the original speech without the aid of scripts, dictionaries or other reference materials. Professional interpreters must change the language to be translated within the context to retain their original meaning, but interpret idioms, colloquial words, and others in a way that the audience can understand. Interpreters work on projects related to real-time translation, such as conferences and legal proceedings, live TV broadc

What is patent translation?

What is patent translation? Patent translation refers to the translation of patent-related documents such as patent specifications or documents in the field of intellectual property (IP) into the native language or foreign language. Patents, which are made up of all kinds of technical terms, are difficult to understand but it is necessary to translate them into other languages. Patent translation, why is it important? Korea is in a position to belong to IP (Intellectual Property) G5 (Group 5: Korea, US, Japan, China, and EPO) in patent translation. In particular, we have achieved rapid growth in terms of quantity. By disclosing a patent, you not only acquire the right to share knowledge and information, but also expand the scope of translation not only domestically, but also overseas. In the information age, where new knowledge is overflowing, patent translation is of great importance and appears to be an area with more promising potential in the future. In addition, even with the

In-house translator vs. Translation Company, which one is more efficient?

In-house translator vs. Translation Company, which one is more efficient? Companies that market products or services internationally to consumers often face challenges. This is because they are debating whether to hire an in-house translator or use a translation company. To increase efficiencies, reduce costs, or shorten time to market, they will eventually have to choose between the two. The advantage of hiring an in-house translator is that he/she can easily translate as he/she knows company's internal process and exceptional brand expertise. However, the work of in-house translators can be overloaded when carrying out large-scale projects. Some marketing projects require strategies such as multilingual transcreation and copy-writing that only translation companies can do. Translation companies also offer a pool of multilingual translators when they want to add a new language to their website. Hiring a professional translation company gives you a large pool of translators t

Translation vs Localization, What's the Difference?

Translation vs Localization, What's the Difference? When reaching new customers in other countries through translated websites or mobile apps in multiple languages, there are multiple language services that can help you communicate more effectively. Transcreation Transcreation is a type of creative translation that acts as a translator and copywriter to get your message across effectively to your readers. Transcreation is also the process of making adjustments to people who speak a different language to feel culturally appropriate. So rather than a rigid literal translation, it is a process of creating new sentences for a specific market while leaving the original context, intent, style, tone, and emotion intact. The combination of Translation and Creation is called Transcreation. The transcreation service is provided by language experts who are familiar with the culture and language of the target market. I’MTranslation uses cultural sensitivity research throughout the t