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Translation for Technology: What is Technical translation?

Translation for Technology Translation plays a big role in many industries across the globe. Technology sector is one of them. Translation for technology sector is also being referred as technical translation among linguists. Technical translation is the translation of technical materials specifically dealing with technical subject or scientific subject domains. Technical translators work with manuals, user guides, technical reports, product specifications, safety or health guidelines or even documents related to regulatory. To be able to work with technical documents or even to translate technical documents, translators not only need linguistic abilities but they also need to have knowledge of technical documents. Technical translation Technical translation is applied to various industries especially among hi-tech and science fields. In order for translators to accurately translate documents related to these industries including agriculture, automotive or even construction,

Localization for Travel and Tourism Industry

Localization for Travel and Tourism Industry Amid Covid-19, it has become difficult for us to travel other countries like how we used to before. However, since vaccinations were developed and as we learned to cope with Covid-19, travelling to other countries have become closer to being completely possible. As communication with international customers is essentially important for travel and tourism industries, translation and localization became inevitable for these industries. Importance of localization among travel and tourism industry Since translation focuses on the process of changing languages into another language, localization takes into consideration of the cultural, social, visual and technological aspects of changing the texts for users in different languages. In other words, localization is about conveying original messages through recreation so that it has similar feel as the original messages. So why is localization important for travel and tourism industries? In or

Desktop Publishing (DTP) services in translation: Why are they important?

  Desktop Publishing (DTP) services in translation : Why are they important? DesktopPublishing or DTP is the process of creating documents using page layout and graphics on computer in multiple languages. It is part of translation process and is done usually before or after translation. It is quite difficult to keep original layout or designs of original document consistent when translating the document. Graphs, photo captions or even forms maybe incorrectly positioned or even truncated. For instance, as English has longer sentences and words compared to Korean language, it takes up more space. Thus, it may look quite messy. This is when DTP or Desktop Publishing service takes in place. Layout and formatting of the translated file need to be re-designed so that it looks identical to the original file. DTP Process Clients usually send the file in PDF files or sometimes, InDesign files. Translators at I’MTranslation would translate in either converted Word document or CAT tool

Translation for education: why is it important?

Translation for education In many parts of the world, diversity exists. Globalization played a great role in leading immigration and even multiculturalism. Students from all over the world can travel other parts of the world to pursue education. However, this opportunity for students follows a great deal of challenge, which is language. In order for students to participate in the school life, they must understand the language. This applies to not only the students taking courses and exams at schools but also parents of the students. Some countries require international students to take ESL or English as a Second Language classes to help students. However, this only applies to countries where English is the first official language. A lot of other non-English speaking countries do not even have ESL classes for students. Because of this, there is a great demand for translation agencies like I’M Translation to provide affordable translationservices for education and academic institutio

Why is Korean translation important?

  Why is Korean translation important? In recent years, Korean TV dramas, music, movies or even Korean beauty products have gained significant amount of popularity in the Western world. Especially amid COVID-19, more and more people been watching Korean movies and dramas via Netflix which indeed increased the demand for Korean translation. One of the famous Korean movies is Kingdom as movies have subtitles in multiple languages due to its popularity worldwide. This indicated the needs of multilingual translation services as well as subtitle services. Moreover, as Korean movies gotten more popular recently, about 10,000 people are learning 한국어 , or Korean language worldwide. There are about 45 million people in Republic of Korea. As Korean language is getting popular each day, professional language service providers like I’M Translation are in a great demand to help assist all of these Western companies to step into the Korean market through Korean translation. Significant facto

The benefit of subtitles and captions: why subtitles and captions are necessary for your videos.

  The benefit of subtitles and captions: why subtitles and captions are necessary for your videos. Amid Covid-19 pandemic, more businesses have been accustomed to make videos or use video contents to launch and market their services or products or even use video contents for business strategies or even to train their employees. These video contents may include online conference videos or even interview videos that may be difficult to understand as people have various accents. It could be difficult for not only native English speakers but also for the people who does not speak the language. In this case, this is where captions come in place so that native speakers can understand what the speaker of the videos is trying to say. Subtitles on the other hand takes in place so that speaker can deliver the messages for the non-native audience. When businesses make videos, subtitles and captions are essential so that the audience can understand the video contents. So, what exactly are ca