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Need a pharmaceutical translation?

  Need a pharmaceutical translation? Because the pharmaceutical industry handles medicines from discovery to distribution, accurate translations are essential to keeping consumers safe. The pharmaceutical industry has been increasingly submitting approvals for newer drugs in Eastern European countries and across Asia in recent years. For example, monitoring the effectiveness of medicines is very important. If drug translation is required, it is accurate to be translated by an experienced translator with more than 5 years of experience in a specific field. I’MTranslation and ISIS Korea provide medical and clinical translation services. What types of documents qualify as pharmaceutical translations?    When most people think of the pharmaceutical industry, they think of drug trials, patents, etc. These are certainly key aspects of the industry and are essential, but there are more documents that need to be translated, such as consent forms, case reports, protocol documents, packa

Three main types of professional translation services

Three main types of professional translation services Choosing the right type of professional translation service is very important when translating documents or other content. This is because different types of translations have different project scopes, specific requirements and expectations. There are three main types of professional translation services: ​ 1)      Translation by industry  Industry-specific translations are specialized translation services performed within a specific industry. Every industry has its own concepts and terminology, so translations are usually done by industry-specific professional translators. In addition, industry-specific translations are typically used to sell products and services or required for businesses that want to communicate or share information across borders. ​For example, legal documents usually require special expertise because they have very specific requirements. Even a small translation error can lead to a court case. It is impor

Everything you need to know about legal translation

  Everything you need to know about legal translation Due to globalization, the demand for translation services in each field is increasing in various ways. Legal translation is no exception. So, what exactly is legal translation? Legal translation involves the country's administrative system. It also includes translations of financial documents, reports, transcripts, patents, and more. Legal translation services are also required for litigation documents, immigration documents, articles of incorporation, wills and trust documents. The terms of the law are not easy to understand by ordinary people, so for a smooth translation, you need to hire a professional legal translation company. At I’M Translation and ISiS Korea , we hire professional legal translators to translate legal documents through the laws of each country. ​Judicial Interpreter vs. Legal Translator ​ Are you curious about the difference between a judicial interpreter and a legal translator? Judicial interp

Video Subtitling, Captioning and Subtitle Translation

  Video Subtitling, Captioning and Subtitle Translation As the corona pandemic started, more and more people been watching videos from Netflix, YouTube, etc. And as these video platforms gotten more popular, the importance of subtitles have also increased. ​Subtitles are used as a means of providing the viewer with translated text of the conversation in the video. One of the reasons subtitles have become a must is because they attract a global audience. Without subtitles, most people don't even think about watching a video in the first place. Even if you actually watch it, you will not be able to watch it properly because of the language barrier. Subtitles are also a necessary part of building search engine optimization (SEO).​ Search engines cannot search the video itself, but can recognize text related to the video, including words in subtitles. Therefore, subtitles are used as an additional means of searching for videos, which helps a lot in improving the search rankings for

What is a translation glossary?

  What is a translation glossary? Translation glossaries are very useful for ensuring linguistic consistency and accuracy across multiple translation projects. What is a translation glossary? Translation glossaries can come in several forms, but serve the same purpose, eliminating uncertainty in the translation process while increasing consistency and reducing the time and cost of completing a translation. Translation glossaries are very diverse. Translation glossary is formed with customer-approved terminologies for more accurate and consistent use in translation projects.  The advantages of a translated glossary are: 1.      Efficiency. Translation Glossary is a time-efficient way to translate, as translators don't have to spend time looking up or researching the terms they already need to translate. 2.      Reduced costs. For customers, not only will they receive the finished translation sooner, but they will also save money by eliminating the need to send addition