Retail Industry: How translation benefits retail industries

What is retail translation?

As more companies diversify their product offerings to appeal to a wider range of clients, the demand for translators is increasing. This is true for various industries, including consumer and retail. Any retailer looking to expand into new markets will profit from a retail translation.

A large number of businesses lose sales due to language and cultural differences.

Since more than 70% of people spend their time on websites that are written in their own language, translation for retail businesses is significantly important. If retail businesses are breaching out their businesses worldwide, hiring professional translation agencies is crucial because of cultural and language barriers.

Having their websites properly translated in various languages help retail businesses reach out to global audience easier. Some companies could rely on machine translations such as google translate to translate their website or brochures etc, however, this will lead to some serious misunderstandings among people who speak and write targeted languages. Even though Automatic translation is fast and free will put your business in danger. Poorly translated business documents also increase the potential for legal action.

Retail translators at I’M Translation are able to translate the following:

l  Websites

l  Legal documents

l  Labels and packaging

l  User instructions

l  Marketing brochures

l  Retail signage

l  HR rules and procedures

l  Technical documents


Why I’M Translation?

All of our translators have access to different translation tools including translation memories, dictionaries, and terminologies, ensuring that even the most complicated projects are translated accurately and precisely. Without I’M Translation’s special translation services for retail industries, it will be impossible for a lot of retail businesses to successfully launch their brands or products to global audience.

A business confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement binds all I'M Translation translators. I'M Translation takes security and confidentiality extremely seriously. Our translators are attentive to the nature of the industry and treat all confidential documents submitted in conjunction with each project with the utmost respect. Visit us at and to request a free quote. Thank you!


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