What is legal translation? And why is it important?


     What is legal translation?

The term "legal translation" refers to any type of translation that involves translating legal documents. The following list demonstrates how diverse the types of documents that can be supplied for legal translation are.

l  Case studies, witness transcripts, briefs at the Court

l  Contracts

l  Policies

l  Depositions

l  Confidentiality agreements

l  Immigration documents

l  Trusts

l  Litigation documentation

l  Wills and trusts

l  Licenses

l  Other

Why is legal translation so important?

It is very important to hire translation agencies for legal translation to avoid any sort of legal ramifications. If legal documents aren't translated accurately or precisely, business contracts may be canceled or in some cases, defendants may be sentenced to prison or may be given a free pass. 

   What Skills Does A Legal Translator Need?

 Legal translation is more than replacing words or direct translation. In order to translate legal documents, translators must be able to have well-knowledge of legal terminologies in both target and source languages. As legal system is complex, and as countries have different legal systems, translators must be able to grasp all countries' legal systems. 

     Translators must be humans

     Legal translation necessitates a high level of precision that cannot be achieved using         machine translation. It's because legal documents serve as official documents for any legal material, such as scholarly articles, contracts, birth certificates, affidavits, and court evidence. Because of the intricacy of the two legal systems involved, translation automation is not recommended. Direct translations are not possible because the target reader may not understand them. The legal translator must make certain that the titles, rationale, and technical phrases are legally correct.

     I’M Translation can provide legal translation services

At I’M Translation, we can connect you with a professional legal translators who are experts in legal fields in your required languages. We have over 30+ languages available on our platform and we are flexible and available regardless of the language pair, topic, and time zone in any legal field. Please visit us at www.imtranslation.com and www.isiskorea.com/eng to request a free legal translation quote. Thank you!





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