What is Video Game localization?


What is video gamelocalization?
Video gamelocalization process connects a wonderful game with the audience. The video game localization market is growing each day. So what exactly is video game localization?
What is gamelocalization
The process of translating video games into various languages is known as game localization. Localization provides for a lot more exact language adaption because the specific manifestations of each culture are taken into account, whereas translation may have certain restrictions in terms of specific terminology from one culture to another.
Localization is a lengthy process with numerous hurdles and problems. Game localizers or linguists must meet their target audience's expectations. They must find the correct tone while remaining faithful to the original. Special consideration must be given to the target culture, traditions, slang, and commonly used phrases, all while remaining true to the game's story and aim.

Why is game localization important? 
Localization is needed so that gaming organization can expand their businesses to new areas and have more opportunities for gaming market to grow. For gaming businesses with localization expertise is very important for reducing the cultural or the linguistic gaps or the barrier. 

What are the benefits of game localization?
It will be difficult to attract attention internationally if players can't relate to one another. Without video game localization, a Korean video game for example, cannot possibly be popular in European users. European users do not have the same background and are very unfamiliar with the settings. However, if games are properly localized, translation agencies like I'M Translation makes sure that the edition in foreign languages feel natural to the native speakers. Translation or localization of game is a cultural, social and lingual phenomenon for every gamer. 

How might I'M Translation's services aid with the localization of video games?

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