IT translation is different from general translation. Here's why.


IT Translation is different from general translation.

IT translation is often a little different from general translation. Common translation is to change from Korean to a foreign language and from a foreign language to Korean, but IT translation is a little different from general translation. Most IT software is usually developed in English, or English and the native language of the developer. For this reason, many domestic IT software translation work is based on English and Korean.

IT Software does not eliminate existing function

Because of the nature of IT software, the release of a new product does not eliminate existing functions and is not only released with new functions. Usually, existing functions are maintained but new functions are added. Take, for example, the SAP ERP and IBM product lines, which ISIS Korea has been localizing (localization) for over 30 years. Both companies have been making and localizing many new products for nearly 30 years. For new content that needs to be translated, use CAT TOOL (Computer Assisted Translation Tool) to refer to similar terms to the existing ones and translate them. Through the CAT TOOL, the translator proceeds with the translation without much difficulty by using the same tone and tone as before. This allows experienced translators to translate accurately and quickly, even when new products are introduced.

For this reason, many IT companies are not very good at changing translators. Someone who simply knows two or three languages cannot proceed IT translation within the delivery deadline as an experienced professional IT translator is required.

We obtained SAP Certified Partner status and translated IBM products for more than 30 years. 

IM Translation and ISIS Korea was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of IBM Korea, and is currently in charge of translating all IBM products and marketing materials as IBM's official TSC (Translation Service Center). In addition, since October 2001, we started translating SAP's various corporate products and marketing materials, including SAP ERP and CRM, into Korean. In April 2009, in recognition of its project and translation quality management capabilities, it obtained SAP Certified Partner status, and as a result, as the first and only company in Korea to be certified by SAP, it took a position that further differentiated it from other companies in terms of quality and process. ISIS Korea and IM Translation not only handles all localization projects for IBM and SAP, but also provides translation services to world-leading companies such as Samsung, LG, Starbucks, Oracle, Microsoft, FujiXerox, Lotte, Sony, Porsche, Herbalife, etc. We are solidifying our leading position.

How might I’M Translation and  ISiS Korea aid with IT Translation?

At I’M Translation and ISiS Korea, we can connect you with a professional translators for IT translation. We have over 30+ languages available on our platform and we are flexible and available regardless of the language pair, topic, and time zone. Please visit us at and to request a free translation quote. Thank you!



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