Snack Culture: What is web toon and web novel translation?


Snack Culture: What is web toon and web novel translation?

There is a field that has recently gained popularity among the public as it crosses genres. This is the web toon and web novel market.​

Snack culture, which consumes pleasure in a short time, has become a daily routine. You can see that everyone is using various platforms using their smartphones on their way to and from work.

Among them, web novels have the advantage of being able to read at any time regardless of location, as they are serialized online novels, so the barrier to entry is very low.

If you want to see Korean dramas, movies, and entertainment shows in other countries, of course, translation is essential. And web novels also need translation.

Web novel translation needs high quality translations

However, since web novel translation only communicates with consumers in writing, you must do high-quality translations that are natural and flexible.

This is because poorly translated novels have a very high risk of breaking the flow of the content or hurting emotions of readers.

So, how do you translate it so that you can work without ruining the atmosphere of the original? What do you think is the most important thing to pay attention to when translating a web novel?

Unlike general business documents, it is necessary to reveal the tendencies and characteristics of a specific target, so if you translate directly, you will lose all the characteristics of the characters.

Hire professional native speaking translators

So, we receive the review by locals or translation experts, and we catch even the parts that people all over the world must see and feel, and solve them naturally.

It can be said that the smartest way to translate web novels is to ask a native-speaking translator who can translate them based on direct reading.​ Experience and know-how to utilize the characteristics of rhetoric and novels are also required in order to preserve the personality and tone of the characters and to add the sensibility of the original. Also, for web novels translation, it's required to be able to choose words that fit the background of the work's era. This is also a difficult part to catch if you are a translator who lacks experience. For example, if a novel is set in a classical era, it must not contain new words used in the modern era or modern cultural words such as apartment, right?

There is another important part of web novel translation. It's just sticking to the schedule.​ It is very disrespectful for all translations and businesses to not keep their time commitments. Since web novels are published in a series rather than at once on a foreign site, we continue to translate, so there is a set delivery date. If this is not followed, readers will be disappointed. We work on a one-to-one basis, so one team including translation PMs, practical translations, proofreading and proofreading experts can collaborate and receive on schedule.

How might I’M Translation and ISiS Korea aid with web toon and web novel translations?

At I’M Translation and ISiS Korea, we can connect you with a professional translators for web toon and web novels. We have over 30+ languages available on our platform and we are flexible and available regardless of the language pair, topic, and time zone. Please visit us at and to request a free translation quote. Thank you!



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