Korean to English translation service


Korean to English translation service

Hello? We often hear that the whole world is one ethnic group. As such, the language barrier has been broken. In addition, we communicate with foreigners through mobile phones and apps. Also, there are less people travelling abroad just because they can’t speak the language. We live in an era where mobile phones and apps automatically translate. Even if you go to an overseas restaurant, there are also translated menus for tourists from other countries.

Then, when we write and send texts to foreign friends, we can do it through a simple translation app, but what if we write professional texts in English? Can the Korean-English translation be translated simply through the app?

When we keep a diary, we usually write it as a stream of consciousness or emotionally. I also tend to write freely in a slightly structured format. However, when writing a professional writing, the writing should be written according to the structure and form as a prerequisite. Even in a sentence, you need to have forms such as subject and verb, in order to convey what you want to say. There are dozens of studies and references in order to convince the reader with the arguments based on the research results just by looking at the papers alone. Wouldn't it be great if we could simply do a simple translation to translate research papers using the translation apps or internet?

When translating between Korean and English, the existing text and the translated text must be consistent. If the text is written in Korean, the sentence structure consists of a subject, an object, and a verb. But in English, the word order is reversed. If the verb appears first, and the sentence is ambiguous or interpreted in two or more meanings, it cannot be considered a well-translated text.

Business writing is different from our everyday writing. Even if it is translated, it must be written in accordance with the format and structure, and the style must be different depending on who the reader is. Above all, you must have expertise in that field.

Korean-English translation requires experience. An experienced professional should have that expertise and be aptitude. I’M Translation and ISiS Korea can provide translation experts in all fields. We work through manuals, systematic processes and by finding mistranslated errors through our professional proofreading services, we deliver the best result.

How might I’MTranslation and ISiS Korea aid Korean-English translation service?

At I’M Translation and ISiS Korea, we can connect you with a professional translators and interpreters. We have over 30+ languages available on our platform and we are flexible and available regardless of the language pair, topic, and time zone. Please visit us at www.imtranslation.com and www.isiskorea.com/eng to request a free translation and interpretation quote. Thank you!



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