Subtitle translation service: Why is it important?


Subtitle translation service: Why is it important?

The market for audiovisual content is changing rapidly. As various contents using video increase, the use of subtitles is also increasing. Subtitles are now considered standard on many platforms and are gaining popularity with many. Translating subtitles into other languages ​​is a form of video localization as well as dubbing and audio commentary. ​

80% Internet users prefer to watch videos with subtitles

It is also a way to communicate with new audience through video culture and language, and to break down language barriers. There is no doubt that subtitle translation helps deaf people a lot in understanding the content. However, 80% of Internet users don't even have hearing problems. But it turns out, surprisingly, that the majority of the audience still prefer to watch the video with subtitles turned on.

Subtitles are great for online learning

These days, not only marketing, but also online learning, as there are many people who acquire certification through online lectures. A particularly large session was held at IBM, SAP, and Nutanix, which was held at ISIS Korea and IM Translation. We have successfully translated and subtitled the videos shown in that session. ​

Domestic and foreign companies are conducting online training and online classes while experiencing the corona pandemic. In particular, IT companies sometimes upload online classes with translation, dubbing, and subtitles for various certifications. However, it requires a lot of effort, such as continuously scheduling one-time classes and recruiting instructors. ​ In a situation where the corona virus continues to worsen in the long term, the continuous and long-term use of online class videos translated and dubbed/subtitled videos may be more profitable for the business.

To do this, you need an IT professional translation company. However, there are so many service providers that it is difficult to decide which service provider is best for you. You should consider the following:

Experienced and qualified translation company 

It must be an experienced and qualified translation company with the right expertise. ​

Quality assurance is important.

Quality assurance is very important. You must have a professional quality team to carry out the quality assurance process, including proofreading and editing. ​ 

Dubbing work, editing services are needed

For subtitle translation service, we can provide information on your requirements such as dubbing work, graphic editing, video subtitles and publication. It should be a place that provides solutions. 

Communication is key

​ You can receive the translation result of the desired quality on the desired date only when communication is smooth and progress is made.

How might I’M Translation and ISiS Korea aid with subtitle translation service?

At I’M Translation and ISiS Korea, we can connect you with a professional translators for subtitle translation service. We have over 30+ languages available on our platform and we are flexible and available regardless of the language pair, topic, and time zone. Please visit us at and to request a free translation quote. Thank you!



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